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Full Spectrum

1000 mg Full-Spectrum CBD

If you love the taste of fresh berries you’ll flip for this product! This formula was specially crafted with a  blend of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, and strawberry to recreate the ripe, delicious bounty of the Pacific Northwest’s berry harvest.



1000 mg CBD

The mint in Fortunate Source is a proprietary formula. It blends the gentle and aromatic spearmint with the lively taste of peppermint for a quintessential mint flavor that is rich, refreshing, and calming.

THC FREE Natrual Flavor

Broad Spectrum

500 mg CBD Broad Spectrum
THC – Free

You will love the natural flavor of this pure CBD oil. While other types of carrier oils, such as hemp seed, have a strong earthy taste, and some coconut oils might have a strong coconut flavor, Fortunate Source uses fractionated coconut oil which does not have a flavor. The result is a clean, pure, and natural taste.

Citrus Body Butter Front

A CBD full-spectrum cream

The best body butter ever!  A creamy smooth body butter, with a light citrus aroma that can be used on hands, face, legs, and arms. The rich oils of Avocado, Jojoba, Safflower, Cannabis Sativa, and Amaranth, combined with Rosemary Leaf extract, create a rich, luxurious cream that helps lock in moisture and relieve dry skin. You will enjoy the fresh citrus fragrance while nourishing your skin. This formula is perfect for both day and night use. This is the crème de la Crème of body butter.

Contains 300mg of CBD.


American Grown Hemp

Fortunate Source offers CBD from hemp grown exclusively in the United States. Our hemp was selected from farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. After harvesting, our hemp is processed by CO2 extraction to ensure zero residual solvents. It’s packaged in an FDA-registered facility to comprehensive GMP standards by chemists with years of industry experience. We’re confident that what we offer is the best possible product.


Strict Lab Testing

You can easily access our lab tests here on our website. We offer complete transparency and provide the ultimate assurance that our products are safe and effective. Each of the products has its own QR code.


Learning and Teaching

In a world where legislation regarding hemp can change quickly, it’s essential to stay informed on what’s happening in the industry. We strive to provide the latest, most up-to-date information about hemp and CBD oil using plain language that anyone can understand. Once you have learned about CBD oil and its potential effects on the endocannabinoid system, check out the product page for the best CBD on the market. Join the subscriber list for the latest industry news.



Pure CBD Oil

Lab Tested

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