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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. The celebration of love, the deepest longing in the human heart. Our quest for a divine feeling of the blissfulness of love, caring, friendship, and understanding from and for others. Elusive, crazy, hypnotic, wild, exhilarating, etc. etc. etc. (you know the feeling) LOVE!

Perhaps most of us think of romantic love on Valentine’s day, and that closeness and intimacy is beyond compare and is indeed worth celebrating. But let’s stop to appreciate the many ways that love takes form. To glimpse what is beautiful in the world, to capture the mood of the sunset in our heart, to silently nurture our self by basking in the joys that delight us, to follow the path that enriches our life and brings ecstasy to our spirit, is also love. 

Last year was filled with pain, but at last, the flowers will bloom again, and our sad, lonely, quarantined existence will emerge victoriously. Victorious from the hatred, the violence, the injustice to be intoxicated by love, peace, hope, and dreams.

Love is transformative. It will instantly transform all that it touches. On this Valentine’s day, love everyone, the wise, the ignorant, friends, enemies because love is concealed in some and revealed in others. We must love. That is all there is.

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