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Shirley Obitz is the founder and owner of Fortunate Source. She has been involved in alternative healing and natural remedies for over two decades.  She gained a renowned reputation in Northern California as a sought after Reiki practitioner at the Sonoma County Center for Reiki under Roxanne Wright.

Shirley attended Alive and Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in San Anselmo, California. She studied an integrated program that included deep tissue massage, and the energetic modality, Polarity.

After graduating from Alive and Well, she began working as a massage therapist in various resorts in Calistoga, California. Due to her ability to help her clients get out of pain in only a few sessions, she was widely sought after. She attributes this ability to being an avid weightlifter, who has been involved in weight training since 1985, as well as a yoga practitioner, and cyclist. This firsthand knowledge of the rigors of strenuous exercise, and the injuries they sometimes cause, combined with her intuition and awareness of subtle energies made her adept with both structural as well as energetic massage/bodywork treatments. The other areas of study included shiatsu at the San Francisco School of Massage, Peter Mandel’s Colorpuncture, sound healing, herbs, and aromatherapy. In 2004 she opened her own practice, Harmony Bodyworks, in Santa Rosa, California.

In 2016 Shirley experienced a traumatic brain injury and suffered from post-concussion syndrome. Naturally, she began to seek out a holistic road to recovery. While on this journey she discovered the benefits of CBD in relieving her anxiety, calming her stress, and allowing a restful and peaceful sleep.

She rebranded Fortunate Source Marketing, LLC in 2020 to focus on bringing CBD to those who seek natural and alternative methods to enhance their wellness. She hopes to eventually expand the line to include other botanicals.

As a youth, Shirley worked as a musician and songwriter in Los Angeles. She now plays for her own enjoyment although, she still devotes time to her writing projects. Shirley currently lives in New Mexico, working to help bring CBD to others who can benefit from it.

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