CBD Oil Tinctures

Our CBD Oils are blends of CBD extract in coconut oil

Our CBD Oils are blends of CBD extract in a coconut seed carrier oil. Fortunate Source has chosen coconut oil for the clean, pure taste. You will not have the strong peppery taste typical with most CBD products where hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil.

How to Take CBD

The CBD oil is shelf-stable, travel friendly, and provides a quick and convenient method for consistent dosing. The best way to administer is sublingual (under the tongue) hold for a few moments, then swallow. This allows the oil to enter the bloodstream. You may also add it to your favorite juice or tea. It is more effective if you take it with food.

Enhanced Wellness

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Body Butter

Citrus Body Butter

The best body butter ever!  A creamy smooth body butter, with a light citrus aroma that can be used on hands, face, legs and arms. 

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